Restaurang opening hours

Breakfast Mon-Fri    07-9.30  

Pizzabuffé      Fri       11-14  
Brunch          Sat       11-14  
     Brunch         Sun       12-16  

Dinner    Wed- Thur   17-22  
Fri- Sat   16-      

Contact us

0270 - 146 14

Restaurang & Deli​​​​​

Our newly renovated restaurant provides you with a lovely mix of a bistro and a food hall. Our chefs uses locally produced groceries and draws inspiration from the italian and french cuisine to create a delicious and varied meny. The heart of our kitchen is our wood-fired oven from Italy where we make dreamy pizza with a sourdough crust that we developed together with our local bakery Tewes. 
Breakfast Mon-Fri   07-0930
Pizzabuffé     Fre   11-14
Brunch          Lör   11-14
Brunch          Sön   12-16
Dinner ​​Wed-Thur   17-22
               Fri-Sat   16-​​​​​​​