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For us, food is love! Our love to local and fresch produce and our love to cooking will show in every dish you try. 
Besides the lovely food we also have art on our walls where you will be able to enjoy exciting dishes from our chefs. We like to come up with new dishes and swap out old ones to keep things new and fresh for you as a guest. 

To enjoy before dinner:

Grossens Bellini                                                                       119:-
fruit puree (ask the staff) and prosecco.
A classic with peach originally but sometimes we mix it up

Berry Neill                                                                               139:-
Whitley Neill Gin, berries compote flavored with Pernod, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white.
A lovely fresh drink flavored with blood orange and a hint of licorice.
Grossens Classic Daiquiri                                                         139:-
lime juice, sugar syrup, Diplomatico rum, egg white
Fresch and tarte, a great start for your taste buds

Sharing is caring                                                                                                                                                                     1 pers/2 pers
Ostbrickan                                                                      175:-/295:-
A selection of european cheeses, mainly from France, Italy and Spain. With sides. Suitable for two people. 

Charkuteribrickan                                                          175:-/295:-
A selection of smoked and cured with sides from Italy. Suitable for two people.  

Ost och Charkuteribrickan                                             195:-/315:-
The best oof both world.


Bocken                                                                                     155:-
Tomato sauce, beetroot, chevre, spinach, walnut and balsamic.
Italian Stallion                                                                         170:-
Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, parma ham, basil oil and parmesan. 
Del mar                                                                                    175:-
Tomato sauce, prawns, chili, garlic and grilled pickled paprika.
Ratatouille                                                                                145:-
Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, aubergine, paprika and garlic.
Mimmo´s                                                                                   189:-
Tomato sauce, our best charcuterie, pesto and parmesan.

Bouillabaisse (traditional french fish pot)                                275:-
The fish and seafood of the day. Made in our own special way and is served with parmesan covered bread. 
Entrecote with Fries                                                                325:-
200 gram meat served with red wine gravy and whipped spiced butter along with a side of the day. 
Lenninge kyckling                                                                    280:-
Herb roasted potato, ragu with bean, truffle and charcuterie, grilled pickled paprika and buttered chicken broth. 

Grosshandlarens fiskgratäng                                                    230:-
The fish and seafood of the day, parmesan, seafood fond and duchess potatoes. 

Grosshandlarens Marängsviss                                                  125:-
Vanilla ice cream, peanuts, meringue, berries, banana, rosted white chocolate sauce and cream flavored with punch. 

Crême brulée                                                                            100:-
With suitable sides.
Chocolate truffle, flavored with a selected spirit                   35:-/st 
Tryffelmayo                                                                               15: -
Gremolata                                                                                  20: -
Grosshandlarens sidesallad                                                       35: -